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The 5 Key Benefits of Direct Anterior Hip Replacement
The 5 Key Benefits of Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

With so many new innovative advances in surgical techniques in the last few decades, we have come a long way where hip replacement surgery is concerned. Anterior hip replacement surgery is a surgical technique helping patients who suffer from painful arthritic hips the option to have a minimally invasive surgery with little downtime. Anterior hip replacement surgery is an excellent option for someone looking to return to their active lifestyle faster. 

The 5 key benefits of having an Anterior hip replacement surgery are:

  1. Shorter Hospital Stays: Most patients can return to the comfort of their homes the same day as their surgery saving time and money while reducing the risk of postoperative infections.
  2. Quicker Recovery: Immediately following the surgery, most patients are encouraged to start bearing weight by walking and resistance free cycling. Minimal damage to the surrounding ligaments and tendons allows for a quicker return to everyday routines.
  3. Reduced Postoperative Pain: Thanks to the reduced damage to surrounding healthy tissue, patients typically report less surgical pain and minimal pain medication during the postsurgical phase.
  4. Reduced Scar Tissue Formation: A smaller incision is required to perform a total hip replacement with direct anterior hip surgery, creating less scar tissue and allowing for complete hip healing with better mobility.
  5. Decreased Postoperative Complications: The chances of bleeding and infection are significantly reduced due to the tissue-sparing nature of the direct anterior hip replacement surgery. Most patients recover faster from the effects of surgery and return quickly to routine activities of daily living.

The evolution of technology and the instrumentation that supports a direct anterior hip replacement surgery allows for a safer and healthier outcome for those seeking to live without daily hip pain.

Author: Dr. Robert Cagle is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement surgery of the Knee and Hip using the latest technology and techniques for better patient outcomes. Get back to your active lifestyle with outpatient hip replacement.