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Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement
Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

Did you know that robotic knee replacement surgery is not performed by a robot? Instead, it is an invaluable tool used in surgery using a robotic arm to help surgeons do a better job in the OR. The knee is a small space, and removing parts of your body and inserting implants requires accuracy. This robotic arm makes the steadiest of hands and helps produce a new, healthy knee joint.

Here are some of the benefits of robotic knee replacement:

  • Enhanced Precision: The replacement parts are inserted with enhanced accuracy and precision, as it allows for straighter alignment of the bones and soft tissue balancing. The robotic surgical arm helps guide surgeons, giving them better information on your anatomy.
  • Minimal Trauma: Robotic joint replacement surgery is performed through small incisions, which means there is minor damage to the healthy tissue (blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and ligaments). With the use of the robotic arm, your surgeon can conserve more of your healthy bone.
  • Better Post-Surgical Outcomes: Studies show that those who have robotic knee replacement surgery are less likely to be readmitted into the hospital. They also have less scarring and a quicker rehabilitation time.1
  • Patient Specific Customization: Robotic knee replacement surgery allows the surgeon the ability to customize the knee replacement specific to the patient’s anatomy. We can perfectly balance the soft tissues with minimal trauma to those soft tissues allowing for a quicker return to activities and less pain.

I’m committed to getting patients up and moving again after knee surgery with improved outcomes using robotic technology. As this technology is newer, I understand that you want to know exactly what you’re signing up for. Click here to learn more about the robotic technology I use and how it works.

Author:Dr. Robert Cagle is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement surgery of the Knee and Hip using the latest technology and techniques for better patient outcomes. Get back to your active lifestyle with robotic knee replacement.

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