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Benefits of Bikini Incision Hip Replacement
Benefits of Bikini Incision Hip Replacement

Benefits of Bikini Incision Hip Replacement

More than 0.8 percent of Americans (roughly 3 million Americans!) live with a hip replacement, with more women than men needing this surgery1. Both traditional and minimally invasive hip replacement involves the removal of the damaged hip and the inserting of a prosthesis.

With Bikini Hip Replacement surgery, you benefit from a minimally invasive, muscle and tendon sparing, smaller incision surgical approach. With 50 being the new 40, a discrete hip replacement scar can have you feeling more confident while enjoying your active lifestyle.

The scar from a bikini incision hip replacement is hidden along the bikini line allowing you to feel more confident in your body while enjoying less pain with improved function and quality of life. Like the famous model Christy Brinkly said after her bikini incision hip replacement surgery, 'I can't tell you how happy I am to have done this,' she confessed before adding, 'now I can focus on getting back in shape and rebuilding my strength. Never too old to get hip2!'

The "Bikini Incision" amplifies the minimally invasive direct anterior approach. There are several significant benefits to consider with a Bikini Incision Hip Replacement:

  1. Small incision
  2. Minimal soft-tissue trauma and less scaring
  3. Faster recovery
  4. True Outpatient surgery
  5. Shorter hospital stay
  6. Less post-operative restrictions
  7. Faster return to everyday activities
  8. Less risk of dislocation
  9. Less blood loss

With traditional hip replacement surgery, the restrictions following surgery are more specific and restrictive instructions for recovery than with an anterior bikini approach. With a bikini incision hip replacement, pain reduction and restoration of movement typically comes faster. Feel good about your body with a smaller scar after your hip replacement to enjoy your time at the pool or beach after your recovery.

Dr. Cagle is an orthopaedic surgeon with extensive training in joint replacement surgery of the knee and hip and utilizes minimally invasive techniques, such as the direct anterior (DA) approach to total hip replacement, to speed post-operative recovery and experience less pain.